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comptages routiers - modélisation de trafic OD

You will see SORMEA and ANACOMDA® range of innovation at INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM 2012 between the 25 and 28 of march under UBIFRANCE pavilion HALL 11, stand 11. 810 F.

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For its first participation in an International Event, 200 companies and public organization meet SORMEA in AMSTERDAM between the 27th and 30th of March 2012 at the Intertraffic.

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You will see SORMEA and ANACOMDA® range of innovation at INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM 2012 the 27,28,29 & 30 march under UBIFRANCE pavilion HALL 11, stand 11. 807 C.

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ANACOMDA® in Amsterdam, city for exchange and encounter

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SORMEA, specialized in measurements and surveys in the field of road traffic and analysis of driver behaviour, makes part of the OSEO Excellence community.

This community was created to aid innovative enterprises, it reagroups 2000 companies chosen for their growth potential.

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SORMEA, specialized company in traffic engineering and management, was in "TRAFIC EVENT 2009" in Madrid the 28th of October to present the innovations of the research & development department:



Noise pollution is the assembly of sound contamination provoked by different sources of the environment.

Mesure de bruit des infrastructures de transports


In fact, from one temporary discomfort but continuous has serious health consequences, the noise has a profound impact in quality life and in the ecosystem.

Fields of intervention of SORMEA :

  • Environmental acoustic
  • Acoustic of transport infrastructure
  • Industrial acoustic
  • Building acousticru

Mesure et étude acoustique

A simple fact:

Noise is the first source of complaints and one of the first causes of conflicts, at work, between neighbors, between communities and users.

The waves, which ever their type is (ultrasound, infrasound) and the phenomenon that results from (sound reverberation, resonance...)
could trigger stress, serious pathological effects, and according to the intensity, the duration of exposure and the sensibility of the person or animal exposed

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db Acoustique, échelle de bruit des niveaux de nuisances sonores

Some examples of application:
- Studies during the creation or repairing of transport infrastructure
- Noise studies in workshops
- Studies of impact of the opening or expansion of a quarry
- Studies of the acoustic impact of establishments that diffuse amplified music
- Studies of the apparition of air conditioning equipment
- Studies for the impact of the creation of a Labeled Installation for Environmental Protection (LIEP)

SORMEA takes acoustic measures principally in the field of impact studies

These studies need of measuring for long periods of time according to norms and of simulation calculation of levels of noise followed by intermediary softwares of calculus. The software we use is dBtrait, diffused by the company 01dB/Metravib, same supplier of our sono-meters.

Principal Norms and regulations of references