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comptages routiers - modélisation de trafic OD

You will see SORMEA and ANACOMDA® range of innovation at INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM 2012 between the 25 and 28 of march under UBIFRANCE pavilion HALL 11, stand 11. 810 F.

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For its first participation in an International Event, 200 companies and public organization meet SORMEA in AMSTERDAM between the 27th and 30th of March 2012 at the Intertraffic.

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You will see SORMEA and ANACOMDA® range of innovation at INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM 2012 the 27,28,29 & 30 march under UBIFRANCE pavilion HALL 11, stand 11. 807 C.

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ANACOMDA® in Amsterdam, city for exchange and encounter

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SORMEA, specialized in measurements and surveys in the field of road traffic and analysis of driver behaviour, makes part of the OSEO Excellence community.

This community was created to aid innovative enterprises, it reagroups 2000 companies chosen for their growth potential.

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SORMEA, specialized company in traffic engineering and management, was in "TRAFIC EVENT 2009" in Madrid the 28th of October to present the innovations of the research & development department:



Traffic data collection turning count survey


ANACOMDA ORIGIN DESTINATION is an automatic turning count survey system. From a video recording, the software ODSoft developped with our partner LOGIROAD automatically generate the Origin-Destination matrix (after setting the scene study) . The software analysis the vehicle trajectory and generate Origin-Destination matrix:

- sorted by vehicle type (two wheels, cars, trucks, HGV...)

- at the time slot desired (5min, 15 min, 30 min ...)

The system was developed in partnership with the LASMEA,(LAboratory Science and Materials for Electronicsand Automation) and the IFSTTAR of Nantes (French Institute of Science and Technology of Transport, Planning and Networks) allows to realise turning count survey and automatically generate Origin-Destination matrices at a roundabout or junction.

Download technical documentation

NEWS 2014

Traffic data collection turning count survey
  • Data acquisition equipment:

-  A mast measuring 10 or 15 meters (depend on the size of the intersection (junction or roundabout)
- Ua self-sufficient camera equipped with a wide-angle "fish-eye") customizable on-site or at workshop
- A hard-disk to store datas
- A 12 V Battery placed in a box


  • OD Record: Video acquisition and recording device

OD Record is a video acquisition and recording device comprised of a compact and low energy consumption fish-eye camera and a simple 12v battery mounted on a 15m mast. OD Record allows you to control and configure various recording time-periods either on-site or beforehand via its unique video acquisition and recording software.

Features :

- Easy to install : < 1 hour.
- No blind spots: global fish
-eye view.- 24/7 recording availability.
- Power autonomy up to 15 days in-situ.
- Various recording range-times available.
- Optional thermal camera for night-time recording.

  • OD Soft: Automatic Video Tracking & Analysis Software

The automatic video tracking and analysis software, OD Soft, allows you to count the number, position and category of each vehicle, the speed and direction of travel as well as calculating the Origin/Destination matrices.

Features :

- Fully automatic traffic analysis software.
- Fast analysis: 4 hours of video footage can be analysed in just 1 hour.
- 90% accuracy when used in conjunction with ANACOMDA OD system*
- Can analyse independently recorded video footage.
- Software generated reports and graphs for presentations .

Traffic data collection turning count survey intersection
OD turning count survey roundabout traffic data collection
video software turning count survey roundabout and intersection comptages directionnels
comptages directionnels turning count survey
Automatic turning count survey on roundabout and intersection

New videos (thank you to wait to download the video)

Comptages automatiques par analyse video Automatic turning count survey - conteo automaticos Automatic pedestrian counting
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