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Traffic counts

  • Manual traffic counts : SORMEA routinely undertakes manual traffic counts. We have a vast pool of reliable and experienced traffic surveyors who undertake classified counts (pedestrian, cyclist, 2 wheels, car, van, trucks, HGV...) of every description at survey sites throughout France.

  • Automatic traffic counts : SORMEA has an extensive stock of automatic traffic counters (radar sensors, pneumatic sensors) to enable us to cater for the most demanding requests from clients. We have dedicated technicians and partners who are fully trained in the installation of traffic counters and the necessary Health & Safety and traffic management procedures. We also have a comprehensive selection of data analysis packages which generally enable us to provide data reports that are tailored to clients precise requirements.

  • Intersection and roundabout turning counts : SORMEA has developped with LOGIROAD the system ANACOMDA® ORIGIN DESTINATION that allowed to make automatic traffic counts on intersections and roundabout. The video systems comprise of camera mounted onto telescopic mast which are erected next to suitable items of street furniture. The video is exploited in the office with the software ODSoft® (developped by SORMEA and LOGIROAD). You can automatically generate the Origin-Destination matrix (sorted by vehicle type). The system tracks the vehicle from the entrance to the exit of the roundabout/junction. We can also use this technology for pedestrian counts.

  • Red light infraction counts : SORMEA has developped the system ANACOMDA® TRAFFIC LIGHT that allowed to make automatic traffic counts on a traffic light junction by detecting traffic light color and vehicule type and speed. Datas can be exploited by EXAFEU 3.1 Soft that quantifies and qualifies motorist’s behaviour at traffic light junction.