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You will see SORMEA and ANACOMDA® range of innovation at INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM 2012 between the 25 and 28 of march under UBIFRANCE pavilion HALL 11, stand 11. 810 F.

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For its first participation in an International Event, 200 companies and public organization meet SORMEA in AMSTERDAM between the 27th and 30th of March 2012 at the Intertraffic.

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You will see SORMEA and ANACOMDA® range of innovation at INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM 2012 the 27,28,29 & 30 march under UBIFRANCE pavilion HALL 11, stand 11. 807 C.

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ANACOMDA® in Amsterdam, city for exchange and encounter

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SORMEA, specialized in measurements and surveys in the field of road traffic and analysis of driver behaviour, makes part of the OSEO Excellence community.

This community was created to aid innovative enterprises, it reagroups 2000 companies chosen for their growth potential.

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SORMEA, specialized company in traffic engineering and management, was in "TRAFIC EVENT 2009" in Madrid the 28th of October to present the innovations of the research & development department:



In the field of measurement and studies:

  • Sensors and radars to count and measure the flow, speed, behaviour and light crossing (differentiating the circulation way and type of automobile)

Pneumatic sensor

Radar sensor

  • Handheld recorders, PDA / GPS
  • Pollster teams recruited for the studied zones: more than 1000 temporary jobs created in 5 years (SORMEA assures the equipment and training of working methodologies and their security conditions).

  • Professionals for the installation of equipment and  poll supervision
  • Software:

Modelling: AIMSUN V7
Acquired SIG: ArcGis 9.3 (and their extensions: Network Analyst, ...), MapInfo, Geoconcept
: QGis, Grass, GvSig, OpenJump...
Webmapping: Mapserver, Openlayers, Openscales, Geoserver, MapFish, API Google Maps, Google Earth...
Statistics: SPAD, Crimestat, Amado...
Data base: Access, MySQL, PostGre/PostGis, Oracle...
DAO/CAO: Adobe Illustrator, Autocad, Inkscape, Photoshop
Remote detection: ENVI, eCognition...

We have internally developed tools and applications for data managing:

  • EXOD which allows the automatic transfer of data from the polls RNP (Registry of Number Plate) to the file and their extraction to matrixes of origin-destination
  • EXPENSO which allows the exploitation of data of entering/  outgoing automobiles in a parking, to the further creation of a statistical report.
  • EXAFEU which allows the analysis and exploitation of data from ANACOMDA Traffic Light
  • EXAVIT which allows the analysis and exploitation of data from ANACOMDA Speed
  • EXFIRAD which allows the filtering of data of our counting systems according to the speed criteria, radar signature, timestamps
  • OD SOFT which allows to make automatic turning count survey on junction and roundabout
  • SECUSOFT, managing tool to secure software lisences by telephone or internet

In the acoustic field:


  • Sound meter integrator type SOLO N° 11737, class 1
  • Sound meter integrator type SIP95 N° 978041, class 1
  • Waterproof cases with batteries for 24 hour measures.
  • Hi-tech material for the measurement of isolation of building facades
  • Telescopic measuring pole

The measuring tools are controlled every two years according to regulations. SORMEA possess a calibrator brand 01 dB class 1 for verifications before and after measurements.


Data processing software: dBTRAIT, dBBati


For processing data, the software dBTRAIT allows us to determine indicators such as: L Aeq, L min, L max, L 50, L 90, L crête, TR (Time of Reverberation) etc.

It also allows to process statistics such as: level coding, (elimination of noise interference), frequency analysis (determine which frequency has the studied noise) etc.